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Amazon devices for kids
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For years now, Amazon has made some of the best Android tablets for kids and continuously improves that lineup. Along with hardware enhancements, Amazon Kids+ is the software that not only gives access to over 20,000 books, games, and videos, more importantly, it features excellent parental controls that are always getting better. So, while tablets might be the devices most commonly thought of, there are other great products for kids from Amazon to consider as well. So, here are the best Amazon devices for kids that will help keep the little ones entertained and possibly even learn a thing or two.

Best tablet for younger kids: Fire HD 8 Kids

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Though the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids isn’t the least expensive tablet option from the company, that would be the Fire 7 Kids; it is currently only $10 more but offers far more value in its capabilities. Regardless of which Amazon tablet you choose for your child, it will have the same software options. Still, the differences come down to screen size and the internal hardware that will ultimately affect the device’s overall performance.

The Fire HD 8 Kids has an 8-inch high-definition screen that looks great, and it’s the perfect size for younger kids. The display’s clarity and size are going to be helpful as your child begins to read, and thanks to the rubberized foam case, there’s plenty of grip to hang onto the tablet. For those times when it’s best just to prop up the screen to watch a fun educational show, the built-in kickstand will get ready.

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The improved internal specifications over the smaller Fire 7 Kids will make sure that not only will the Fire HD 8 Kids handle everything your younger child could want right now, but it will also likely last for the next few years too. With the Amazon Kids+ software that the tablet will get for free for the first year, you’ll be able to set the age range for content and adjust as your child grows up. Plus, while they’re still young, the two-year worry-free warranty will replace the tablet should anything happen to it.


  • Manageable size for smaller hands
  • Powerful enough for younger kids
  • Durable case with a built-in kickstand
  • Excellent parental controls


  • No Google services
  • Older kids will prefer a larger option

Best tablet for younger kids

Fire HD 8 Kids

Great all-around option

This is a great starter tablet that’s small enough to hold for younger kids’ hands, with a power and protection that will grow with them.

Best for older kids: Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

In 2021, Amazon updated its Fire HD 10 tablet, which meant that the kid’s version got a bump too. Along with the improved hardware, Amazon also added another variation to all the kids’ tablets with the new Pro edition. This change makes the Amazon HD 10 Kid Pro an excellent choice for older kids. The inclusion of the Pro moniker brings new case options and a different dashboard for kids when using the device and expanded content options.

Starting on the outside of the tablet, you have a 10.1-inch full-HD display with the new, slimmed-down case. The case is less bulky than the standard case of other Amazon Fire Kids tablets and has two fun design choices. The case has a built-in kickstand with a cutout for the USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro has the most power of all the kid’s tablets from Amazon, with enough horsepower to handle any task your child throws at it. Unfortunately, it only has 32GB of internal storage, but it can be expanded with up to 2TB with a microSD card.

Aside from the new case options, the Pro also comes with a new layout and content library than the other Fire Kids tablets. Your child will be able to access more apps from the Amazon App Store and a filtered version of the internet. But, you’ll still have complete control over those apps and the internet via the Parental Dashboard, as new app installs and websites will require your approval. The only thing really missing that older kids may want are Google Play Services, but nearly everything else is ready and waiting.


  • Less bulky case
  • Bright and vibrant display
  • Excellent performance
  • Expanded content library


  • No Google services
  • Limited to 32GB of built-in storage

Best for older kids

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Time to go Pro

Older kids will appreciate the more mature software and look, and you’ll love still having control over their content.

Best Echo speaker: Echo Dot Kids

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

If you are looking for a smart speaker for your child, the two most important things are parental controls and kid-specific content. Let us add a third, and that’s how it looks, because — why not? At its core, the Amazon Echo Dot Kids is just like the regular Echo Dot in terms of sound quality, which is pretty good, and access to Alexa. However, the Kids version comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+, which is very important.

That’s because it will allow you to set some safety nets around what the speaker will respond with and what your child can access with Alexa. You’ll also be able to set quiet times for the speaker so your child can’t talk to Alexa when it’s supposed to be bedtime.

As for that content, Amazon has done a great job of creating fun experiences for kids with audiobooks, interactive games, and more with characters they love. Not to mention the cute Tiger and Panda designs will look great in kid’s playrooms and bedrooms.


  • Loud enough for a kids room
  • Lots of kid-appropriate content
  • Good parental controls
  • Fun designs


  • Limited music service options

Best Echo speaker

Echo Dot Kids

Cuteness overload

Kids can ask Alexa silly questions, play fun games, and listen to audiobooks all from a curated library, and you have full control.

Best Echo Show: Echo Show 5 Kids

Source: Amazon

In many cases, the inclusion of a display on a smart speaker is super beneficial. Aside from having a larger visual cue that the speaker has heard you, it also provides added context to Alexa’s responses. Then there are all the photos, videos, and potential video calls possible because of the screen.

The thought of having a connected camera in your child’s room can be concerning, but Amazon does include a physical shutter on the Echo Show 5 Kids to block it. If you choose to leave it open, you can check in on your child through the parental controls and have video chats. You can set up what contacts are accessible for calls to or from the speaker on the parental dashboard.

The screen gives even more ways for your child to enjoy the content from Amazon Kids+. Whether from fun animations in the clock or videos, the colorful Echo Show 5 Kids is a great choice if you are looking for an Echo with a screen for your child.


  • The display adds more options for Amazon Kids+
  • Camera for optional video calls
  • Fun design choices
  • Parental remote camera access
  • Physical camera shutter


  • A little pricey
  • Speaker quality is just “OK”

Best Echo Show

Echo Show 5 Kids

Time for the show

From Amazon Kids+ to video calls, it’s all more fun on a screen, and you’ll still have complete control from the Parental Dashboard.

Best Kindle for kids: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Source: Amazon

If your child loves to read, the new Kindle Paperwhite Kids is the perfect purchase. As with every other Kids edition product from Amazon, it gets a full year of Amazon Kids+. This means that your child will have access to thousands of books, and with the excellent display on the e-reader, they will all look great.

Compared to regular tablets, the display technology used on Kindles is far better for the eyes, has better clarity, and means exceptional battery life. With up to 10-weeks of use between charges, your child will be able to read all day and night. Thanks to the adjustable backlight, that nighttime reading will be more comfortable because of the warmer tone.

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids comes with a two-year worry-free warranty, IPX8 water resistance, and fun case options to keep it protected. Amazon Kids+ also provides you with control over what content your child will have access to, along with the ability to see what your child is reading. With OpenDyslexic available, a font that some people with dyslexia prefer, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids is an excellent choice for even more kids.


  • Larger, clearer display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Light adjusts for nighttime reading

Best Kindle for kids

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids

For e-bookworms

Thanks to the clear display, excellent library, and long battery life, this is the perfect choice for young readers.

Best accessory: Echo Glow

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

If you are looking for a way to add some fun to your child’s space, then the Echo Glow is a great way to do that. Its spherical design and matte material give off a soft glow to any room. With over 16-million colors available, you’ll be able to get just the right shade of blue, red, purple, or any other color.

Aside from being a simple, smart light that works perfectly with your Echo devices, it also can help act as a visual cue for timers. For example, the Echo Glow will change colors by setting a rainbow timer as the timer counts down to help your child stay on task. It also can be set up to help your child wake in the morning by gradually getting brighter.

There are even fun modes like a campfire, color flow, firetruck, underwater, and more that your child can request from Alexa. The Echo Glow isn’t a standalone device, so you will need to set up control for your child to access it from an Echo device. But, you can control it via your Alexa app on your phone if you want.


  • Cute, smart light
  • Visual cues to go along with timers
  • Can help with waking up
  • Fun color modes

Best accessory

Echo Glow

Time to shine

The Echo Glow is a fun way to add some color to your child’s room and help them stay on task with rainbow timers.

Bottom line

Amazon is one of the few major brands that’s constantly innovating in the kids’ tech space. It started with tablets and has expanded into so many other areas. I’m really excited for the upcoming Amazon Glow projector to make it even easier for my kids to interact with long-distance relatives.

As a parent of young kids, it’s great to have options that I feel comfortable allowing them to use, thanks to the excellent parental controls that Amazon Kids+ provides. So no matter where you’d like to get started in the kids’ tech space, any of our trusted picks above will keep your children well entertained while still maintaining a close eye on the variety of content your loved ones consume.

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