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Windows 11 is already coming to the newest computers or with more powerful hardware. If you have an old computer, you will probably have to wait a few months before an option to update it arrives. Meanwhile, you can check if these new functions they are worth the change.

Before we start, a piece of advice. If it is normally advisable to back up all your files, here it is essential. It is also highly recommended not to be anxious and wait a while for Microsoft to release a 100% stable version to avoid bugs that may affect beta versions. That said, these are some of the new features.

1.-Self-adjusting window templates

In Windows 10, you can drag open windows to the side or corner to resize them when working with multiple open applications. Windows 11 builds on this concept. Now if you press Win + Z hovering over the maximize or minimize buttons brings up a series of templates with various sizes to choose from. It is much easier to fit windows in this way.

2.-Manage different desktops faster

Windows 10 supports the use of virtual desktops, but Windows 11 makes them easier to discover and more convenient to use. In fact they now have a dedicated button on the taskbar (the icon with two rectangles). Just hover over it and select New Desktop.

Screenshot: Windows 11

3.-Open files from the start menu

The new start menu is one of the first changes you will notice in Windows 11. Now it works as a repository for your visit history and open files, as well as showing you shortcuts to applications. The files you see depend a lot on whether you use Office 365 and how many Windows 11 computers you have running in sync in the cloud. All of this can be configured from the Personalization menu.

4.-Keep concentrated with the watch app

The clock app in Windows 11 now no longer just tells the time. It has been updated in the style of the Pomodoro applications and now it allows you to configure concentration sessions from a panel on the left. These sessions are integrated with ToDo and can even be associated with playlists on Spotify.

Screenshot: Windows 11

5.-Quick connection to Microsoft Teams

If you are a fan of the Micr alternativeosoft to Slack you will like to know that Teams is now mores integrated than ever. It is another of the apps that have earned a place in the new taskbar and Microsoft is promoting it as a way to stay in touch with friends and family over Skype. If you have never used it you can configure it from scratch simply by pressing the button and following the instructions.

6.-A more modern design

Windows 11 brings under the arm quite a radical change in the appearance of icons, windows and interface. Its appearance is definitely more modern and does not look like something out of the 90s. The file explorer makes better use of the available space and icons, at least to me, they seem prettier to me.

7.-More data on battery consumption

Open Windows settings, select System and from there go to Power and Battery. You will find that you now have much more accurate data on how the system is wasting the battery and what it is doing. It is part of a Microsoft effort to make Windows 11 more usable on tablets and 2-in-1 devices. The menu is also easier to navigate and use on touch screens, with larger icons and no need for a keyboard.

Screenshot: Windows 11

8.-A new better app storerada

Windows 11 arrives with an improved version of its application store. The selection is already better and is better integrated with digital content such as movies. Now it is easier to move around it. Microsoft has already warned that it will continue to improverando the contents in the coming months, especially in gaming, a section that Microsoft is promoting a lot in Windows 11.

9.-Using two screens in an easier way

One of the most welcome news in Windows 11 that you may not notice right away is how the system detects new screens. The software now remembers how the windows were arranged on the external monitor. In this way, if you disconnect the laptop and reconnect it, everything will return to the position it was before. It’s a small change, but one that will make life more enjoyable for people who work on a laptop and connect it to a larger monitor.

Screenshot: Windows 11

10.-Manage widgets on the taskbar

We already had a preview of this in Windows 10 with the pop-up window that appears next to the notification area. In Windows 11 that window has its own icon on the taskbar and there are more widgets to choose from. We can press that button to see news, the weather, appointments on the calendar, tricks to use Windows and more. There is a button from which you can add new widgets or remove the ones you don’t use.

11.-Run Android applications

This feature is not yet available at launch, but will be soon. Windows will allow Android applications to run from the Amazon Appstore through an update. For now we do not know exactly how it will work, but it seems that they will work in a very similar way to the applicationss native to Windows. Like these, they can be moved to the edges, minimized or docked to the taskbar.

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